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Data chip service

Keep track of your tools
Data chip service


We offer you a data chip service that prepares standard Coromant Capto® and HSK adaptors with a chip hole, with or without mounted data chip. The data chip is available in two memory sizes, 511 and 2047 bytes.

The data chip hole is prepared according to DIN standard 69873.

Turning tools:

Drilled data chip hole, with or without mounted data chip.

Rotating tools:

Drilled data chip hole and re-balanced adaptor, with or without mounted data chip.


This type of service makes it easy for you to order a new adaptor with quick delivery. Since the adaptor is already prepared for use of data chip tracking there is no need to start your own process for this, just go ahead and put your adaptor in use.

How to order​

To order data chip service for your new adaptor, contact your local Sandvik Coromant representative.

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