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Efficient logistics can increase your manufacturing speed

Interruptions, caused by misplaced drills or out-of-stock parts, may seem minor, but their total effect can be significantly disruptive. Fine-tuning your operations will reduce machine downtime and increase your manufacturing speed.


Research shows that:
  • Around 6 percent of all scheduled jobs suffer delays due to a lack of the right tool.
  • Sometimes the right tools are there but cannot be identified or are inaccessible.
  • Operators spend about 20 percent of their time searching for tools.
  • Unforeseen disturbances and delays can add 20 to 30 percent to the overall time expended on a job.
  • Production time is lost when your staff has to place orders for tools and materials, improvise solutions and alert colleagues to disruptions in the process.
  • Order processing and tracking are time consuming
  • Invoice reconciliation is labor intensive
Long experience

With more than a century of global experience, we have gained considerable knowledge in efficient logistics – knowledge that we can draw upon to serve you in the pursuit of improved efficiency. Let us help you reduce costs and net working capital. Our tool logistics solutions increase automation while providing better control. Why not lower your risk of error?

Sometimes a logistical set-up functions well but can be made even more efficient with small services, such as laser engraving, pack note options and Saturday receiving/delivery. The cumulative effect of small reforms can be significant.

Return of investment

Our Tool logistics service provides a clear return on investment. Let us help you set goals for your engineers and operators. The improvements will impress you. Our service will hone your operations and reduce both your costs and your net working capital requirements.

Are you interested in knowing more about tool logistics? Please contact one of our tool logistics specia​lists.

Strategic collaborations shaping the future of procurement

Strategic collaborations shaping the future of procurement

To stay competitive in the future, companies need to add value by building intricate partnerships with trusted suppliers and making procurement far more strategic internally.

Transforming procurement

The benefits of e-commerce

A multi-billion European manufacturer of precision bearings minimized time and cost by implementing a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution with Sandvik Coromant.

E-commerce instead of email

Cutting time is saving money

A Swedish hydraulic, air, gas and liquid applications manufacturer reduced their tool stock value by 40 percent using Sandvik Coromant tool logistics software.

Tool logistics hardware – an intelligent toolbox

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