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Frequently asked questions about e-commerce solutions


Is there a charge for the EDI service?

No, the service is provided free of charge.

What type of electronic ordering is best for my organization?

An important factor is the number of order lines placed. If ordering is more infrequent, then the Sandvik Coromant web shop is probably the best solution. However, if your ERP system is EDI-capable, it may be a relatively easy to activate. Alternatively, if you operate Sandvik Coromant Tool logistics solutions, EDI functionality is already provided.

Can any ERP/business system operate EDI?

With EDI being around for at least 20 years, most ERP platforms are equipped to handle EDI. Your IT department or provider is the first point of contact.

How is EDI connected to production situations?

Production staff are often involved with tasks connected to the requisition of tooling for production. When problems arise as a result of manual ordering (e.g. if supplies fail to arrive or the time spent on administration), then productivity can be affected.

How long does an EDI connection take to set up?

Implementation typically takes 4 to 6 weeks.

I’m interested, but where do I start to get this kind of project up and running?

EDI implementation involves a number of different functions, particularly IT, finance and business operations. Implementations are usually run as a project with a clear time frame and activity plan. Sandvik Coromant will guide you through the process.


What kind of product information can be provided?

All the usual product and commercial specifications for standard products are available. All dimensional information is according to ISO 13399. Drawings, catalogue material and URL links are also available.

What product images are available?

CAD drawings (.dxf), 3D models (.stp) and generic product information images (.jpgs) can be provided for each product.

Can you provide an e-catalogue in different formats?

Yes. Most output formats can be accommodated, from simple flat files to XML-based formats like BMECat.

Punchout Catalog

Is there a charge for the Punchout service?

No, the service is provided free of charge.

How long does it take to set up?

Implementation can take just a few days – depending on the testing process and other customer requirements.

What happens during set up and testing?

Sandvik Coromant will provide a web address needed by your procurement system. Users will then be registered to have Punchout access to our web store. A short period of testing follows.

My organization does not operate SAP. Does Sandvik Coromant support other ERP/purchasing systems?

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements - e.g. to integrate with non-SAP systems using the cXML standard.

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