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Tool logistics hardware – an intelligent toolbox

​​​​Tool logistics hardware ​– an intelligent toolbox​

A major manufacturer of fluid, gas and hydraulic couplings reduced their tool stock value by​ 40 percent. Newly automated with tool logistics software and hardware, their tools are available at the touch of a button.

A Nordic company that makes couplings for hydraulic, air, gas and liquid applications, wanted better access to its insert tools and better control of its stock. Our solution was our combined tool logistics software and hardware system to make inventory management more efficient.

“The tool logistics software along with the hardware gives us increased possibilities to control our costs and the stock we have in-house,” says a production engineer at the coupling maker. “Before, we didn’t know the value of what we had in stock. Our solution reduces the amount of inserts in stock and orders them automatically once they come down to a certain level. The system tells purchasing when to order new tools. It also reduces administrative work. Stock status and consumption of tools are followed up in detail, and the tools are easier to find.”

Touch of a button

As a result, the company has reduced the stock value of tools by 40 percent. They have also saved time. Before implementing the tool logistics solution, 10 machine operators could spend up to half an hour a day trying to find the right tool in stock. Now that the process is automated with the tool logistics software and hardware, the tools are available at the touch of a button. Their improvement was significant.

“There is the security that the tools are there when needed and that customers like this one can get detailed information on their consumption to reduce their overheads,” says Claes Nordqvist, a service engineer at Sandvik Coromant. “And then there is the added benefit that they are easier to find. We showed the benefits with our system and they were interested in how our solution could meet their need.”​

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Blowguns, hoses, couplings

The firm calls itself a quick connect specialist. The business started in the 50s and is headquartered in Scandinavia.

The company’s product line, which can be found in industries all over the world, includes robust and lightweight couplings, nipples, adapters, fittings, hoses, hose reels, air-preparation units and blowguns.

The company has a turnover of about 65 million euros, with 450 employees and 16 subsidiaries around the world.

Strategic collaborations shaping the future of procurement

Strategic collaborations shaping the future of procurement

To stay competitive in the future, companies need to add value by building intricate partnerships with trusted suppliers and making procurement far more strategic internally.

Transforming procurement

The benefits of e-commerce

A multi-billion European manufacturer of precision bearings minimized time and cost by implementing a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution with Sandvik Coromant.

E-commerce instead of email

Digging for diamonds
Digging for diamonds

Sandvik Coromant teamed up with channel partner BDI to offer a Canadian diamond exploration drilling supplier a tool logistics solution they had been searching for.

A diamond-grade tool logistics system

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