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Scrap due for landfill turned into huge savings

​​Scrap due for landfill turned into huge savings

Scrap due for landfill turned into huge savings

A world leader in orthopaedic components manufacturing had no idea it was sitting on savings of tens of thousands of dollars until Sandvik Coromant demonstrated the financial and environmental benefits of recycling carbide inserts and round tools.

For many years, Sandvik Coromant has supplied a market-leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with carbide inserts and round tools, but after the manufacturing process, the company’s carbide scrap was simply thrown away.

When Sandvik Coromant offered the international OEM a recycling service in 2007, complete with free containers and a simple recycling process, the customer’s first reaction was disbelief. This increased when the customer realized it would be paid for its scrap too.

From waste to profit

Today, after several years of using the Sandvik Coromant Carbide Recycling service, the OEM sends 6,000 pounds of scrap for recycling in an average year, and for this it receives tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The cost saving is not the only benefit. The recycled carbide is returned to the metal-cutting industry, which reduces the need to mine and process virgin raw materials. This is particularly important for tungsten, the main element in carbide, which has a limited supply. Since starting the project, the OEM has also been recognized as one of the most eco-friendly companies in its region.

The value in recycling

The final advantage is a personal one. With the revenue received, the company has enriched its 400 employees’ lifestyles, offering luncheons and picnics, so they also see the value in recycling.

“I am always very proud when our customers see just why we are the world market leader in carbide recycling,” says the Sandvik Coromant productivity engineer. “It’s also really valuable that we’re able to be a total solution provider.”



  • In 2012 Sandvik Coromant recycled the equivalent of 70 percent of all the carbide tools it sold by weight globally.
  • Sandvik Coromant Carbide Recycling has been offered to the metal-cutting industry for almost 20 years.
  • Sandvik Coromant is able to show cost-saving and value-adding options for every aspect of the metal-cutting manufacturing process.


Business: a major manufacturer of orthopaedic components

Size: 400 employees at this facility; 8,500 employees worldwide in 24 locations

Service: Sandvik Coromant Carbide Recycling

Energy saving program in Japan

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Sandvik Coromant launched a program to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent in tool-cutting processes.

Tsunami eliminated cheap energy for metalworking in Japan

The profitable business of CSR

The profitable business of CSR

In the last 20 years, CSR has matured from a charitable notion to a strategic necessity. The next step is to make sustainability and responsibility natural outcomes of business activity.

This is CSR 2.0

This is how our solid carbide recovery works

This is how our solid carbide recovery works
Did you know that 95 percent of a used carbide insert can be recycled?
Read about our recycling program that turns your worn-out tools into a source of incomeRead about our recycling program that turns your worn-out tools into a source of income
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