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The world’s first all-metal, smash-proof guitar

- Tested by Yngwie Malmsteen.

Rock stars have been smashing guitars for decades, few with more enthusiasm than Swedish-born guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Sandvik decided to test its cutting-edge techniques by building the world’s first all-metal, unbreakable guitar and letting Malmsteen unleash his smashing skills on it.



How did we make it?

Sandvik gathered experts from throughout the company to demonstrate how its engineers could use sustainable, cutting-edge techniques to make something that is both highly precise and amazingly durable.

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More than just a career

At Sandvik Coromant we shape the future into a prosperous and sustainable place where engineering and technical solutions help solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us so we can build a better world together

CoroMill® 390

Lightweight CoroMill® 390 made with additive manufacturing

More compact and significantly lighter than a conventional cutter, lightweight CoroMill® 390 provides reduced vibration and increased stability in demanding applications.

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Digital machining with CoroPlus®

The rapid digitalization of society brings opportunities to the manufacturing industry. These opportunities overcome challenges and minimize the waste of resources, time, and data to ultimately become more profitable

What is your manufacturing challenge?

Solid round tools

Solid Round Tools

The solid round tools' range covers all application types within the areas of solid carbide drilling, milling, HSS tapping, reaming, and threading. Each solid round tool is designed to fulfill the demands of high quality, precision, and maximum productivity, enabling you to get the most out of your machining process.

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Additive manufacturing

Redefining design with additive manufacturing

Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, with its base in Sandviken, Sweden, serves the whole Sandvik Group and has the ability to provide a complete offering, from idea to finished product, at a time when many companies are starting to realize the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM).

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​​Meet Sandvik

Meet Sandvik

Want to learn more about how Sandvik makes things possible with an innovative culture and dedicated engineering?

Check out our stories at the website for the Sandvik Group

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