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Modern turning works in any direction

PrimeTurning™ and Y-axis parting are new turning methods revolutionizing the industry. By making use of the opportunities provided by modern CNC machines and challenging conventional machining directions, gains in productivity and tool life can reach levels never seen before.

Find out where these innovations will lead you.

CoroTurn® Prime and PrimeTurning™

Our new turning concept, the PrimeTurning method and CoroTurn Prime tool, allows you to do turning in all directions giving you huge gains in productivity as the result. Delivering a 50% increase in productivity or higher compared to conventional turning solutions, it is unlike any other turning concept available today. This innovation presents countless possibilities to do an existing turning operation in a much more efficient and productive way. This is not just a new tool, it’s a totally new way of doing turning.

See it to believe it

Learn more about CoroTurn Prime tools

CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting

CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting includes all great features of CoroCut QD, but with one important change: the insert pocket is rotated 90 degrees. We call it Y-axis parting and this completely new way of parting off gives a more beneficial direction of the cutting force resulting in much higher stability. It eliminates vibration and reduces noise levels to a minimum.

See Y-axis parting in action

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