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Solutions for cost-effective and high-quality machining of aluminum wing ribs

Solutions for cost-effective and high-quality machining of aluminum wing ribs

There are several types of aluminum components on an airplane such as spars, skins and ribs. The wing rib, for example, shows some of the machining challenges such as thin walls/bases, 2D pockets and the importance of balanced tools.

Tooling solutions for aerospace wing ribs

Thin wall machining

The machining strategy for thin wall sections should vary depending on the height and thickness of the wall. The number of passes will be determined by the wall dimensions and axial depth of cut.

This process uses high-speed techniques, i.e small ap/ae and high vc, facilitating milling of thin walls, to then reduce the time of tool engagement and consequently the impulse and deflection. Step support machining the wall in overlapping passes is used when the ratio of wall thickness to height is 15:1 to 30:1.

Thin-wall machining

CoroMill® 316 and CoroMill® Plura – Corner milling - slicing

Slicing is a method used in corner milling, where multiple passes successively remove material, ensuring low radial immersion / engagement angle and low cutting forces. By applying the dedicated aluminum geometries for CoroMill® Plura or CoroMill® 316 with high-speed machining techniques, extreme productivity increases can be made.

CoroMill® 316

CoroMill® Plura

CoroMill® 316 – Corner milling - slicing

CoroMill® Plura – Corner milling - slicing

Pocketing with high-speed aluminum router RAL 90

The RAL90 aluminum milling cutter sets the standard for a new level of stability in high-speed milling. Optimized for high-power spindles, this milling cutter offers unique metal removal rates. The accuracy of the insert seat interface secures the position of the cutting edge, minimizing total tool run-out. TailorMade® service gives you the freedom to specify your own tool dimensions.

In applications requiring even more power and higher metal removal rates, the new RAL90 Super MRR can reach extra-high spindle rotation, e.g. up to 33,000 RPM for Dc 50 mm compared to 23,500 RPM for RAL90. This amounts to a 40% increase in productivity. RAL90 Super MRR is designed with couplings dedicated for specific machine tool makers

RAL90 aluminum router information

RAL90 – Download ordering codes including spare parts

Pocketing with high-speed aluminum router RAL 90

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