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Aero frames and structural components

Aero frame and structural components

In this area, components and assemblies are made out of very specific materials including titanium, stainless steel, super alloys, aluminum and composite. The components produced are often very complex and need to meet demanding specifications. Below are some components for which Sandvik Coromant can offer competitive tooling solutions and application knowledge.


1. Wing

Pylon bracket – Titanium
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Wing – Composite
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Wing rib – Aluminum
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2. Fuselage

Central wing box – Composite
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Landing gear beam – Titanium
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3. Pylon

Engine mount – Titanium
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Thrust fitting – Titanium
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Landing gear

4. Landing gear

Main fitting – High-alloy steel or titanium
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Trailing edge

5. Trailing edge

Flap track – Stainless steel​
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Leading edge

6. Leading edge

Slat track – High-alloy steel
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7. Tail

Vertical tail – Composite​
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8. APU

Impeller – Titanium​
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