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Solutions for cost-effective, high-quality machining of HRSA blisks

​​​​ Aerospace blisk – HRSA  

Blisks located on the cold compressor side of the engine are made of titanium, while the hot turbine side requires blisks made of heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA).

Key factors to success are

  • A five-axis machine with good simultaneous dynamics
  • Turbo five-axis CAM software
  • Optimized tools and process knowledge for HRSA and titanium

Tooling solutions for aerospace blisks in HRSA materials

CoroMill® Plura solid end mills for high-feed side milling

High feed side milling is an effective method for machining challenging materials. Small radial engagement allows for increased cutting speed, feed and cutting depth due to decreased heat, chip thickness and radial forces. CoroMill® Plura with grade GC1710 specially developed for nickel-based HRSA materials and a core dimension optimized for high stiffness are first choice for the high-feed side milling of blisks.

CoroMill® Plura high-feed side milling

ISO S ceramic ball-nose end mill

The ISO S ceramic ball-nose end mill is the only ceramic ball-nose end mill on the market for high-speed HRSA profiling with small diameters. The brazed ceramic-on-carbide interface provides both strength and flexibility, and the ball-nose geometry ensures easier, faster profiling.

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CoroMill® Plura solid end mills for high-feed side milling 

ISO S ceramic ball-nose end mill

Roughing of slots with plunge milling

Tool: Engineered solid carbide plunge cutter with Gannet geometry

Method: Rough opening between blades with plunge milling

Machining components with slots and pockets is always challenging. Applying a plunge milling strategy can make manufacturing small, deep slots and pockets more time and cost-efficient. The unique Gannet concept is designed exclusively for plunge milling and is ideal when tool diameter is limited and a long overhang is required.

Semi-​finishing and finishing of blades

For semi-finishing blades, a point milling approach is recommended due to the double curved surfaces. This machining process allows for controlled stock and leaves scallop height for the finishing operation.

Method: Point milling, preparing the surface for the finishing operation

Process: Radial cutting depth of 0.5–3 mm (0.020–0.118 inch​) after the roughing operation.​

Continue with point milling due to the double curved surfaces. The recommended solution provides a surface finish down to Ra 0.4 μm (15.75 μin).

Process: Radial cutting depth of 0.2 mm (0.008 inch) after the semi-finishing​ operation.

CoroMill® Plura conical end mill

CoroMill® Plura ball-nose end mill



CoroDrill® 860 with -SM geometry for highly secure drilling in HRSA materials

When drilling tough materials such as HRSAs, many factors need to be taken into account. Process security, repeatability, hole tolerance and quality are critical. Equipped with a robust design, high-quality edge and wear-resistant top coating, CoroDrill® 860 with -SM geometry delivers on these key considerations.

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CoroDrill® 860 

CB7014 high-speed CBN turning solution for nickel-based alloys

Finish turning of aerospace components involves challenging operations performed in demanding ISO S materials. Using CBN inserts allows for increased cutting speeds and improved productivity while maintaining good surface integrity on the component. CBN inserts optimized for high-speed finishing of nickel-based heat-resistant super alloys are now available as a stocked standard solution.​

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CoroTurn® 107 with rail interface for profiling and pocketing in HRSA materials

For finishing in HRSA components with relatively open features, the positive, screw-mounted CBN insert is optimal. With up to 12 insert indexes, it will boost your productivity in HRSA materials. The rail interface ensures mounting security, offers process security and increases reliability and tool life for your profiling and pocketing operations.

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CoroTurn® 107  


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