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Solutions for cost-effective and high-quality machining of aerospace fan discs

Solutions for cost-effective and high-quality machining of aerospace fan discs

Made from titanium, this component has internal chambers to be bored and large tulip grooves to be milled.

Tooling solutions for aerospace fan discs

The modular SL70 tooling system with dampened blades

To machine the deep internal chambers, typically up to 150 mm long, slender tools are required. The challenges include a tendency to vibrate as well as removal of the chips from the groove. One of the most challenging features has been successfully turned into a secure process due to the following:

  • The most productive and secure method for roughing is with direct grooving. To remove the chips from the chamber without jamming, the WCMX GM insert splits the chip into three separate segments
  • Blades longer than 4 times the width of the blade are designed with a patented dampening device. This allows the depth of cut to be 4 times greater than without dampening.
  • An oval serration blade system for best stability and accessibility. The 100 mm (3.937 inch) high blade allows for best coolant delivery to assist in chip removal
  • Once the bulk of the material has been removed, the round carbide insert, together with HPC profile, turns the finished shape with dedicated geometry -SM

CoroTurn® SL

CoroCut® 1-2

CoroTurn® HP

Dampened blades

High-pressure coolant

Fan disc

CoroCut® angled inserts

Designed specifically for reaching difficult-to-access grooves and pockets in complex components.

Perfectly formed for those difficult-to-access grooves, 90-degree angled inserts come in a variety of shapes, all as standard inserts. No need for special tools. Blanks are even available for dedicated 90-degree, 45-degree and T-profiles.

CoroCut® angled inserts for aerospace access

CoroCut® angled inserts

Tulip slot milling

This feature has traditionally been broached, but with new technology, this has been replaced with milling. Due to the special form of the groove, Engineered solutions have been developed.

Use an Engineered tulip slot roughing cutter for full-slot or trochoidal machining. With this unique tool, a complete profile can be achieved with the same tool. The cutter is equipped with iLock™ tip seats for high stability and easy handling.

Tulip slot milling

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