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M5F90 – One-shot roughing and finishing of thin wall aluminum parts

M5F90 - one shot roughing and finishing of thin wall aluminum parts

Machining parts without burring, scratching or chipping, M5F90 is a concept face-milling cutter that enables roughing and finishing in a single operation, thus saving time.

Dedicated to thin wall aluminum parts, this small cutter body, 25–80 mm (0.98–3.15 inch) in diameter, containing brazed PCD tips needs no adjustment and enables high feed rates without cutting vibrations.

Each insert contains both a roughing edge (on the outer diameter) and a finishing edge (on the facing diameter). The roughing area works as a conventional cutter and all roughing cutting edges are on the same diameter and height. The finishing area works as an M5B90 cutter and consists of radial and axial stepped cutting edges. This positioning ensures burr-free milling and outstanding surface finish.

M5F90 – One-shot roughing and finishing of thin wall aluminum parts

Blue = Finishing surface

Green = Roughing surface

Yellow = Number of inserts engaged in cut

Features and benefits

  • Dedicated to thin wall milling operations of aluminum parts, but is also able to machine large-engagement material
  • Roughing and finishing in one tool
  • Direct finishing operations with outstanding surface finish
  • Machines aluminum automotive parts without scratches, burrs or chipping
  • Flexible: can machine different positions on the same part
  • High feed rates
  • No adjustment needed
  • Superior tool life vs. a conventional milling cutter body
  • Environmentally friendly due to low coolant consumption


  • Designed for and adapted to thin wall aluminum automotive parts, the small cutter body (25–80 mm (0.98–3.15 inch) in diameter) containing brazed PCD tips enables high feed rates without vibrations or burrs
  • The maximum depth of cut is 4.00 mm (0.157 inch)
  • M5F90 is made for working on gearbox casings, housings and all automotive aluminum parts with small or wide cutter engagement (applicable on thin wall parts)

Download ordering codes including spare parts

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