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B685 – Stable and productive cylinder boring, from roughing to semi-finishing

B685 – Stable and productive cylinder boring, from roughing to semi-finishing 

Concept description

Cylinder boring is a key operation in the automotive industry; a high-speed operation with high requirements on tight tolerances. Until now, the operator has adjusted the insert position manually, which is a time-consuming procedure and often requires special devices.

The B685 cylinder boring bar is designed to combine roughing and semi-finishing in one operation. The solution provides excellent roundness and cylindricity and allows for a smooth finishing operation thanks to the integrated Silent Tools™ dampener.

Features and benefits

  • The ability to perform roughing and semi-finishing in one shot saves time and reduces costs
  • Provides an excellent foundation for a successful finishing operation
  • Silent Tools dampening adapters reduce vibration and result in excellent surface quality, roundness, and cylindricity
  • Coolant function on the cutting edges
  • No need for special devices


  • Optimized for the automotive engine industry, mainly engines in passenger cars and light trucks
  • Main components:
    • Engine cylinder blocks in cast iron
    • Engine cylinder blocks in aluminum with integrated cast iron liners or sleeves
    • All cylinder liner operations
  • Machine types: unit centers and transfer lines

Cutting data recommendations

vc m/min (ft/min) 350–600 (1,148–1968)

ap max. mm (inch) 2 (0.0787)

fz mm/z (inch/z) 0.1–0.15 (0.0039–0.0059)

Technical information

Insert shape: HCGW 100308 (CBN) full face

Edge-line preparation: S01320 + 20 µm ER


  • U6F3
  • CB20
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