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M5Q90 – For first-stage roughing operations

M5Q90 – for first stage roughing operations

M5Q90 is a new-concept roughing tangential milling cutter. It is designed to clean surfaces in the first machining stage of newly-cast aluminum parts in a single operation, without burring.

PCD tangential inserts provide a smooth cutting action, which lowers power consumption and eliminates vibration. This ensures a reliable performance, improved tool life and increased number of components machined per insert.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent tool life and surface quality
  • Tangential insert position for better stability
  • Dedicated PCD insert geometries
  • Positive cutting angle to reduce cutting efforts
  • Rotating prevention system with anti-ejection
  • Precision coolant channels designed for emulsion and MQL
  • One tip seat design used for all engineered tools
  • Easy to clamp (screw clamping) and easy to set
  • Inserts and spare parts in stock
  • Reduced burr formation
  • Able to machine under high-speed conditions (over 20,000 rpm)


  • Cubing, first stage, roughing operations
  • Depth of cut with PCD insert in full engagement 2–4 mm (0.079–0.157 inch)
  • Greater depth of cut can be obtained by using protective rows containing carbide inserts
  • Face and shoulder milling
  • Aluminum cylinder head, engine block, component first machining or stage after casting

Download ordering codes including spare parts

Download M5Q90 folder

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