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Tooling solutions for machining shafts and splines


Shaft components come in many different shapes and forms, and their main purpose is to transport power.

The slender shafts require rigid clamping and light cutting tools to avoid vibration. As with gear wheels, careful preparation for the hardened stage is a success factor.


Soft turning and gear milling are performed before the case hardening process, where the challenge is often to acquire close dimensional tolerances. Careful preparations for the hardened stage provide a relatively straight-forward hard part turning operation. In hard part turning, predictable machining and good surface finishing are essential. All this goes together with cost-effectiveness.

Besides our extensive offer, Sandvik Coromant also has dedicated products and Engineered solutions that fully support overtaking the challenges that manufacturing these components presents.

Tooling solutions that support manufacturing shafts:

ISO P offer – Turning inserts and grades for steel

Whether you are looking for turning insert grades for unmanned production or custom-made components, we have reliable insert grades that offer predictable tool life, high machine utilization, and the surface quality you need.

Find turning inserts and grades for steel

CoroTurn® Prime – All-directional turning

Double the speed and feed rates compared to conventional turning and with longer tool life.

Read more about CoroTurn® Prime

CoroTurn® 300 – Effective and high-quality turning

High-precision coolant from above controls the chip breaking for secure machining, while under coolant controls the temperature for long and predictable tool life. Eight-edged inserts.

More details about CoroTurn® 300

CoroTurn® RC insert clamping for maximum stability to avoid vibration.

Optimized geometries for roughing to finishing will provide for paramount chip control.

More information about CoroTurn® RC

ISO H offer – Turning inserts and grades for hardened steel

Turning hardened steel calls for super-hard insert grades. Whatever your component or requirements are for surface finish, you will find productive insert grades here that can withstand high temperatures and cutting forces and still retain their cutting edges.

Explore your turning inserts and grades for hardened steel


Xcel – CBN grade for optimal finish quality

Up to eight cutting edges, shorter production times, and considerably reduced tool costs per component.

Efficient hard part turning


High-pressure coolant

Sandvik Coromant has developed high-pressure coolant solutions that can help reap benefits in terms of increased tool life, improved component consistency, and greater process security.

More about high pressure coolant benefits


Power skiving

  • CoroMill® 178 – PM-HSS and solid carbide power skiving tools for gear and spline production with high output.
  • CoroMill® 180 – Indexable two-edged power skiving cutters for gear and spline production with high output.

Explore more about power skiving – Productivity in mass production


CoroMill® 171.4 – Quick and easy spline milling

​The CoroMill® 171.4 cutter for small modules is easily applied in machining centers, multi-task machines, and turning centers, making it possible to machine complete components in one setup.

Read more


CoroThread® 266 – Ultra-rigid thread turning for all types of threads—internal and external

The tool guarantees excellent insert stability for ultimate accuracy, surface finish, and product consistency.

Read more


CBN insert with integral chip breaker

This CBN insert is for hard-to-soft rough machining automotive components, such as gears, crown wheels, shafts, and all case-hardened components where the hardened layer needs to be removed.

Read more about the CBN chip breaker


* For Engineered tooling solutions, please contact your local Sandvik Coromant sales representative.

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