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Condensing power

Grooving solutions

Groove machining on power components requires versatile, rigid tools suitable for the features on shafts, many of which are deep and profiled. The more recent developments in the area of parting and grooving tooling have targeted the heavy-duty end of machining. Added stability for longer reach is needed, along with a tougher cutting edge and when chip control is a critical issue.

The CoroCut® 1- and 2-edge system of grooving and parting tools is a benchmark concept which is evolving continuously. This system is based on Rail and V-shaped designs, which, with the length of insert, gives exceptional stability. These factors make it possible to run at higher cutting data and to achieve better performance, security and results. A large variety of insert geometries and grades are available, dedicated to solve and optimize different operations, materials and feed areas, including turning, profiling and undercutting operations. Tailor Made inserts provide the solution for any application beyond the large standard range.

When combined with the CoroTurn® SL70 system of adaptors and blades, grooving and associated operations can take on another dimension. SL70 can adapt to specific operational requirements for optimization, while eliminating the need for special tooling.

New larger CoroCut tool-blocks, with an integrated Coromant Capto® coupling, provide the ultimate in stability for long blade-overhang for machining deep grooves. Productivity does not have to be limited when deep grooves can be made efficiently in one pass.

The inserts for these operations often need added strength through high edgeline toughness but with the wear resistance for a long tool life. GC1145 provides a new level of security with the possibility to increase cutting data and predict a long tool life at the more difficult end of grooving. This grade compliments the broad, universal GC1125 grade where operations do not need the extreme level of toughness in the insert substrate.


CoroCut® R-size inserts with -GM geometry

CoroCut R-size inserts with -GM geometry is a new solution for higher performance in heavy grooving. This is a development towards even more light-cutting inserts, requiring less power and being less vibration-prone. During the cutting action, chips are narrowed during formation, facilitating the removal of chips out of the groove as well as programming. This makes it possible to make deep grooves in a continuous-feed operation, avoiding having to programme and use timeconsuming stop-and-back-out of tool. This grooving tool benefits from the secure CoroCut rail interface and being available in several widths and insert grades.


CoroCut SL



CoroCut SL is a universal modular system​

Dampened blades for extended reach​

Groove cutting

CoroCut SL for straight, 90 degree and angular blades​

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