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Gear milling

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New cutting technologies are about to transform the gear-manufacturing business. How manufacturers respond to this shift in technology will shape the future of the competitive landscape.



In-house gear milling in standard machines. Use one tool set for many gear profiles.

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Application tip
When machining with indexable milling cutters, use down milling for longer tool life.   

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Looking for a gear-milling cutter?
Sandvik Coromant offers tools for many types of gears and splines.   

Gear-milling tools


Gearbox ring-gear component solution
Any inconsistency in the gear-milling operation for gearbox ring gears makes grinding more complicated and time consuming.

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Slewing-ring component solution
The most challenging operation in producing the rings is milling the gears. The forged rings put high demands on the gear-milling tool.

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uP-Gear® Technology
Bevel-gear solution
Whether you manufacture bevel gears for printing presses, power plants, or marine propulsion equipment, the challenges are usually the same: accuracy, cost and productivity.

uP-Gear® Technology

​Dedication to gear manufacturing

For many years, Sandvik Coromant has designed a wide variety of gear-milling tools for specific production processes. We work closely with gear manufacturers around the world. Based on supplied gear-wheel data, our skilled and experienced designers tailor tools for your technical demands. We help optimize every production step from the machining process to tooling solutions and insert and grade selection. This tight cooperation ensures you the best overall production economy. In addition, our worldwide technical support and know-how is at your disposal—often a key factor in delivering turn-key solutions.

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