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Milling tool maintenance

Milling tool maintenance

Establishing a routine for tool maintenance in the workshop will improve tool life in milling, prevent problems and save money.


Check the insert seats

Check the insert seats regularly to ensure that they have not been damaged during machining or handling. Make sure that the insert seats are free from dirt or metal chips from machining.

Replace worn or damaged screws and washers. Use a torque wrench to ensure correct screw-tightening.

To get the best performance, we recommend cleaning all connecting parts and lubricating them with oil at least once a year. Lubricant should be applied, when needed, to the screw thread as well as the screw head face.​

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Torque wrench

To get the best performance out of the milling tools, a torque wrench should be used to correctly tighten the insert. Use the recommended torque for each tool holder.

A torque that is too high will affect the performance of the tool negatively and cause insert, washer and screw breakage.

A torque that is too low will cause slide or insert movement, vibrations and degradation of the cutting result.

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