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Productive aluminium machining for automotive powertrains


Sandvik Coromant offers a well-rounded selection of milling cutters for aluminium automotive components.

​​​​​With the automotive industry increasing its use of engine, powertrain and brake system parts manufactured from aluminium, the challenge for OEMs and their supply chain partners is to deliver more productive machining operations. Tooling selection is the key to genuine market differentiation in this segment, where the correct application of optimized milling cutters across the entire range of engine component manufacturing operations can pay significant dividends.​​

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Sandvik Coromant offers solutions and tools for aluminum components, backed up with in-depth application know-how. We have a global presence with dedicated engineering teams supporting the automotive industry with several high-quality solutions.​

Here we are sharing a selection of productive solutions for some of the challenging features in aluminium machining.​


Roughing tangential milling cutter, designed to clean the surfaces in the first machining stage on newly casted aluminium parts in a single operation without burring​​
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Face milling concept for high speed direct finishing of aluminium automotive parts with wide cutter engagement. It can replace the need for both roughing and finishing, thus only one operation is needed.
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An engineered face milling cutter that offers outstanding surface quality, minimized cycle times, close component tolerances and high-volume production.​
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​A first-choice solution for roughing to semi-finishing in shoulder milling operations of automotive aluminium components, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and transmission housings.​
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Machining parts without burring, scratching or chipping, M5F90 is a concept face-milling cutter that enables roughing and finishing in a single operation.​
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