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We are changing our packaging


To improve the functionality in terms of handling and tool protection, we have redesigned our packaging line. Hence, apart from improving the look and feel, you will find that the new packaging is easy to handle and recycle. All boxes and tubes will be gray with yellow labels, and use less material to reduce the environmental impact.

New Packaging Features

The new packaging line includes insert boxes, twist-and-pull tubes, cardboard and plywood boxes.

Insert Box

The inserts can be easily accessed due to a “click-stop” for each position. The inlets provide better security for small and sensitive inserts. Easy to recycle as all parts (box, inlet and lid) go into the same bin.


The compact tube design in the shape of Coromant Capto® offers good tool stability and is easy to open and close with just a twist and pull. Also, this tube is easy to recycle as all parts go into the same bin.

Cardboard Box

The cardboard box is designed with inlays that secure the tool and facilitate better tool handling. The cardboard box is easy to recycle as it can be folded flat.


The yellow packaging labels feature technical information and an image of the tool to enable quicker identification.

Note: Please be informed that during this transition period, as a customer, you may receive our tools in both the new gray packaging and old red-yellow ones. The length of this period will vary depending on packaging type and country.

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