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Drilling tools

Drilling inserts and grades

Indexable drilling grades provide significant productivity increases and long tool life. With each cutting edge, you get excellent chip control, chip evacuation and surface finish.

Customize your tools today

Registered web users can now customize their tools for free, using our new online service.

Reconditioning old tools

Our tool can be reconditioned up to three times. Reconditioned tools save you up to 50% on your tooling costs and they come with a new tool performance guarantee.

A tool for every task


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CoroDrill® DS20 demo

Innovative drill body and insert designs enable reliable and predictable drilling for your 4–7 × DC operations. See the CoroDrill® DS20 in action.

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Case study: Increased productivity with CoroDrill 870

When Sweden-based Gunnebo Industries started using CoroDrill 870, it improved operator security and increased productivity by 45%.

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Video: Drilling in ISO N

CoroDrill® 880 CVD diamond-coated insert grades N124 and N134 feature an insert coating with the super-hardness of a real crystalline diamond.

CoroDrill® 870 grade update

The CoroDrill® 870 exchangeable-tip drill now features new grades for increased tool life and wear predictability.

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