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Milling tools

Optimized milling – every time

Correct tooling assembly is essential to optimize tool performance. With modular tooling, you can create a huge number of tooling solutions with a relatively small inventory.

Vibration issues

Damped tooling solutions offer the key difference when machining with long overhangs. The unique dampening mechanism in Silent Tools™ reduces chatter and vibration, increases the machining rate, and improves process security. Silent Tools also significantly increase productivity for shorter overhangs.

Milling inserts and grades

Whether you need long, predictable performance when milling steel, or a sharp PCD-tipped grade for finishing in aluminium, you will find your milling insert grades here.


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The new CoroMill® 390 end mill

The new end mill with small diameters combines all of our milling expertise into one versatile milling tool. Due to the small size 07 inserts, a high cutter-teeth density delivers trouble-free milling with superior productivity.

Tilted in Your Favor

CoroMill® 745 is a brand new, multi-edge face milling concept. Double-sided, but with uniquely tilted inserts for a positive cutting action, it leaves you with 14 true cutting edges for superior cost-efficiency.

Productive machining of titanium pockets

Machining of structural aerospace components often involves challenging conditions, such as thin floors and walls, deep pockets, and tight corners. New application knowledge provides tools and machining strategies for reliable and productive manufacturing of titanium pockets.

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