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Solid round tools

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Find the right tool

Watch the video to learn more about products that are offered within versatile, optimized, and customized ranges.

Learn more about reconditioning your older tools

Recondition your round tool up to 3 times for major cost savings with our reconditioning service.

Find the right round tool for your production


Solid round tools catalog

Download and share your digital version of the solid round tools catalog.

Tool recommendations

Struggling to find the right tool for the job? CoroPlus® ToolGuide offers quick and accurate tool recommendations on all your digital devices.

Tailor Made

With our TailorMade range, we believe we have created an offer that meets the requirements for most of your needs. Whether it is an alternative diameter, length, shank or other feature required, our TailorMade offer delivers the highest quality and is matched with a swift delivery.

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