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CoroBore® BR30

CoroBore<sup>®</sup> BR30 – cavity boring solution

Component:4" gate valve
Material:Full cladded Inconel 625
Operation: Rough boring
Machine: Doosan NHM 8000
Coolant:Emulsion, through and external coolant supply
Cycle time reduction​​

Productivity increase​​

Twin-edge rough boring tool CoroBore® BR30 – cavity boring solution
InsertTCMT 16T308 KC 9125SPMT 1210-BM 1145
n, rpm60​​32
vc, m/min (ft/min)27.5 (90)14.7–15 (48–49)
vf, mm/min (in/min)4.5 (0.177)26 (1.024) to depth of 250 mm (9.842 inch)
20 (0.787) to depth of 360 mm (14.173 inch)
fz mm/z (in/z)0.05 (0.002)​​0.1 (0.004)
ae mm (inch)Uneven surface, depends on the weld, minimum 3 mm (0.118 inch) per side to bore
Number of passes2​2​
Tool life18 insert edges/cavity 16 insert edges/cavity
Machining time 78 minutes 16 minutes

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