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​​​The CoroBore® XL system is a group of large diameter boring tools. The wide application range covers rough and fine boring, interpolation turning, as well as face grooving, and the unique SpiroGrooving™ method.



  • Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge for stable and vibration-free boring
  • Dedicated cartridges designed for highest stability
  • Dedicated tool holders optimized for large diameter machining
  • Internal coolant through the tools to the cutting edge 
  • Dedicated Silent Tools adapters for vibration-free, large diameter boring



  • Rough boring
  • Fine boring
    • Conventional boring, back boring, and external boring
  • SpiroGrooving™
  • Face grooving
  • Interpolation turning
  • The CoroBore XL system covers diameters 148–1275 mm (5.827–50.197 inch)


ISO application area

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