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With the best pull-out security on the market, this chuck is designed to eliminate vibration for excellent stability and accessibility in all milling and drilling operations. Covering all machine interfaces, CoroChuck™ 930 helps to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool setups and changes. Also available as a Tailor Made option.



  • High metal removal rate provides increased productivity
  • Secure process and safe machining
  • Quick tool change and setup
  • Enhanced surface finish and increased tool life
  • Close hole tolerance



  • Best pull-out security on the market thanks to the latest Fulcrum technology* used for uppermost clamping performance with high clamping force. The clamping force ensures repeatability, time after time
  • Easy handling with torque wrench used for secure clamping
  • The machine-side coupling is ground as the last operation to guarantee the highest demands on precision
  • Precision run-out <4 μm (157 μinch) at 2.5 × DC
  • High-precision repetition
  • Balancing according to DIN 69888
  • Clamping length can be adjusted with an adjustment screw



  • Suitable for milling and drilling operations where precision, easy handling, and high pull-out security are required
  • Covers all of the important machine interfaces, now also in BIG-PLUS spindles

Diameter, mm (inch)

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Finishing Semi-
Roughing Heavy


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* The secret behind the high-precision and pull-out security of CoroChuck™ 930 is optimized design of the membrane. It allows for secure clamping with two supports on each side (fulcrums).


Optimize CoroChuck™ 930 for your component. The HD and Slender versions with length options are available in all current machine interfaces.



Precision coolant for end mills
The most common bore sizes of cylindrical sleeves suitable for CoroChuck™ 930 are available with precision coolant through grooves on the inside of the sleeve, ensuring that the coolant reaches the cutting edge even at a high number of revolutions per minute.

Product range

​ Machine interface ​Coupling size ​CoroChuck™ 930 version ​Bore sizes, mm (inch)
​Coromant Capto®​C3​​Slender, T​12 (0.47)
​Coromant Capto®​C4─10​HD, Slender, Pencil, T​​12–32 (0.47–1.26)
​ HSK-A/C​40, 50, 63, 80, 100​​HD, Slender, Pencil12–32 (0.47–1.26)
​ HSK-F with pins​80​HD​32 (1.26)
 ​ISO BIG-PLUS​40, 50​​HD, Slender, Pencil​12─32 (0.47─1.26)
​ CAT-V BIG-PLUS​40, 50​​​HD, Slender, Pencil​​12─32 (0.47─1.26)
 MAS BT BIG-PLUS​30, 40, 50​​HD, Slender, Pencil​12─32 (0.47─1.26)
​ ​ISO​40, 50HD, Slender, Pencil12─32 (0.47─1.26)
​CAT-V​40, 50​HD, Slender, Pencil​12─32 (0.47─1.26)
​ MAS-BT​​30, 40, 50​​HD, Slender, Pencil12─32 (0.47─1.26)


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