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With easily connected over- and under-coolant on all tools and together with an extremely rigid spring clamping mechanism, CoroCut 1-2 ensures truly secure and efficient machining. The system covers all parting and grooving applications in most materials, from standardized grooves to parting off and profiling in heat resistant super alloys.

Secure and efficient machining
  • Over- and under-coolant offers good chip evacuation, less tool wear and more stable performance
  • Patented spring clamping mechanism for rigid and accurate insert clamping, which allows for increased feed rate
  • Strong tool-material alloy for high fatigue resistance
Easy to use
  • Plug-and-play adapters make it easy to connect the coolant
  • Easy to change inserts: no torque wrench needed—always correct clamping with quick-release key
Versatile parting and grooving
  • More than 700 standard inserts for machining in most materials and applications
  • Tailor Made inserts and tools are available

Use CoroCut 1-2 for parting, external grooving, face grooving, internal grooving, and profiling.



ISO application area


CoroCut 1-2 spring clamping mechanism is extremely rigid.

See the comparison between spring clamping and screw clamping here.

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CoroCut 2 in a grooving operation.

The CoroCut 1-2 face-grooving tools with over- and under-​coolant securely evacuate the chips for undisturbed machining.

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