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CoroCut® QF

Innovative blade design

More material in the weakest cross-section and decreased mass in the front part of the blade provides higher dynamic stiffness, effectively reducing vibration. The slit is optimized to provide the correct clamping force.

Insert design optimized for stable face grooving

Tilted insert with stabilizing rails at the top, bottom and back of the insert to minimize insert movement.

Precision coolant supply

Improves chip evacuation and decreases the risk of chip jamming, critical factors for successful deep face grooving operations. Effective from low to high coolant pressures.

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  • CoroTurn® SL cutting heads for face grooving
    • Modular, extremely robust serration lock (SL) interface
    • The SL heads have axial mounting for increased stability and rigidity. Use with dampened Silent Tools™ boring bars for increased accessibility, process security and groove quality
  • Coromant Capto® directly integrated into the spindle increases stability and versatility when face grooving
    • Ideal when working with wider inserts
    • High torque transmission and high bending strength
    • Through-tool delivery of high-precision coolant
  • Easy insert clamping ensures correct clamping force
  • Inserts designed for clockwise (QFT) and counterclockwise (QFU) spindle rotation
  • Optimized side clearance required for face grooving

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  • Face grooving
  • Minimum first cut diameter (DAXIN): 30 mm (1.18 inch)
  • Maximum cutting depth (CDX): 50 mm (1.97 inch)
  • Minimum corner radius: 0.2 mm (0.008 inch)
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys

Product range

QS™ shanks

Metric size 25 × 25
Inch size 1 × 1


Metric size 32 × 32
Inch size 1¼ × 1¼

CoroTurn® SL heads

Size 32 and 40

Coromant Capto®

Size C5, C6 and C8


  • CW 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm (0.118, 0.157, 0.236 and 0.315 inch)
  • Grade GC1105, GC1125, GC1135, GC1145, H10F
  • -TF geometry for grooving and side turning
  • -GF ground geometry for grooving​
  • -RM geometry for profiling


Build an optimized tool with the exact cutting depth and diameter range required for your component.

Tool selection

There are a number of important aspects to consider when choosing the right face grooving tool for your operation, such as clockwise or counterclockwise spindle rotation, A- or B-curve and right- or left-hand tool. Use the step-by-step guide to facilitate your tool selection.

How to use


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Demo: CoroCut® QF

CoroCut® QF is designed for face grooving, delivering unmatched reliability and superior process security.

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Demo: Non-linear turning with CoroCut® QF

Non-linear tool path profiling distributes wear along the cutting edge to maximize tool life. The method ensures good chip control and chip breaking.

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Get to know CoroCut® QF

Learn more about all the features that make CoroCut® QF the First choice for face grooving.

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