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CoroDrill® 400 and 430

Flexible and precise tool solutions

CoroDrill® 400 and CoroDrill® 430 are customized products. This means that you can design and order the tools to fit your specific component and application requirements.

High precision and reliability

By creating a dedicated customized solution for the application, you can achieve increased:

  • Productivity
  • Precision
  • Process security
  • Reliability

High productivity and consistent tool life

CoroDrill® 400 and CoroDrill® 430 have dedicated substrates and coatings to withstand the abrasive wear resulting from high speeds and temperatures, typical in cast iron machining.

This helps extend tool life and improve productivity.

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  • Complex multi-step forms drills with a diameter range of 3–25 mm, up to 8x
  • Straight flute and 3-flute geometries
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) supported
  • Optimized features, including edge preparation and flute polishing
  • Customized Solutions, supported by Tailor Made
  • Reconditioning
  • High reliability and process security
  • Exceptional and consistent tool life
  • Outstanding productivity, low cost per hole
  • Flexible tool solutions
  • Fast quotations
  • Fast and secure delivery

Application area

Used in the automotive industry for:

  • Engine cylinder blocks, engine cylinder heads
  • All grades of cast iron including GCI, CGI, and nodular
  • Pre-tapping hole sizes
  • Chamfer holes and multi-step forms
  • Cast iron

Product variants

CoroDrill<sup>®</sup> 400

Straight flute
For complex, multi-step forms and large step ratios

Diameter range: 3–25 mm (0.118–0.984 inches)
Drilling depth capability: Up to 8 × Ø
Grade options for maximum productivity

CoroDrill<sup>®</sup> 430

For opening out existing holes (core drilling)

Diameter range: 3–25 mm (0.118–0.984 inches)
Drilling depth capability: Up to 8 × Ø
Grade options for maximum productivity

More info about CoroDrill<sup>®</sup> 400 and CoroDrill<sup>®</sup> 430

Hole-making solutions

The straight flute CoroDrill® 400 and 3-flute CoroDrill® 430 support complex, multi-step applications and are custom-made to suit your precise component requirements. Features including step angles with chamfer and radii, point angle, and up to 8 × D capability offer high productivity and long tool life, providing you low cost per hole.

CoroDrill® 400
  • Easy chip removal
  • Straightness of hole and surface finish improved thanks to double margin
  • Multi-steps, chamfers, radius, and forms can be achieved
  • Easy to recondition
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexibility

CoroDrill® 430
  • Most suitable for core holes
  • Effective for holes having uneven entry/exit
  • Good size control and straightness

Step chamfer

Double step chamfer

Step transition examples


Reconditioning old tools

Our tools can be reconditioned up to three times. Reconditioned tools save you up to 50% on your tooling costs and they come with a new tool performance guarantee.

Tailor Made

With our Tailor Made range, we believe to have created an offer that meets the requirements of most of your needs. Whether it is an alternative diameter, length, shank, or other feature required, our Tailor Made offer delivers the highest quality and is matched with a swift delivery.

Advanced engineering

In cases where a Tailor Made offer does not meet your demands due to application complexity or a specific component feature, based on Sandvik Coromant’s expertise and in cooperation with you, we can engineer, design, and manufacture a bespoke product for your application needs.

Why choose Customized?

If your required product solution is not within our standard assortment, we have the expertise to individually engineer, design, and manufacture a bespoke product that meets your specific application demands. In our Customized solutions offer, you can choose between Tailor Made or Advanced Engineered, depending on your application complexity and component feature.

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