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​CoroDrill® 460 -XM is a multi-application, high performance drill that can be used across a wide range of materials. This drill provides high capacity utilization, flexibility and versatility. With one drill for all materials, stock holding can be reduced and greater machine flexibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.


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  • High productivity and consistent tool life
  • Exceptional value with no compromise on quality
  • Excellent hole quality
  • Outstanding coating and flute design leading to smooth and efficient chip evacuation
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Can be reground up to three times, extending tool life even further



  • Micro-grained carbide for excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance and longer tool life
  • Coating with a special finishing treatment to reduce coefficient of friction
  • Strong web design provides excellent cross-sectional strength that, combined with increased flute volume, enhances chip evacuation
  • Point angle of 140º ideally suited for multi-application drilling, with good centering capabilities and low thrust force design



  • For a wide range of materials in all industry segments, e.g. general machining, die and mould, automotive, energy and power generation
  • Standard diameter range: 3–20 mm (0.118-0.787 inch)
  • Drill lengths: 2-8 x drill diameter (DIN 6537 K, DIN 6537 L and Coromant Standard)
  • Achievable hole tolerance: IT8–IT9
  • Internal and external coolant
ISO application area



  • Designed to be used with high precision shrink fit collet of a hydraulic chuck. This will further promote good hole quality, reduced radial run-out and extended tool life
  • Use internal coolant for optimal cutting efficiency and chip evacuation, resulting in higher productivity


​ Product range

Length/diameter ratio Drill diameter, mm (inch)​ Coolant Geometry Shank type​ Grade​
2-3​ 3-20 (0.118-0.787)​ Internal/external​ -XM​ DIN 6535 HA​ GC34​
4-5​ 3-20 (0.118-0.787)​ Internal/external​ -XM​ DIN 6535 HA​ GC34
7-8​ 3-20 (0.118-0.787)​ Internal​ -XM​ Coromant standard​ GC34​



​ ​ ​
Flexibility to order the following
specifications from our
Tailor Made offer​
Max 2 steps (3 diameters)
If body cutting: body Ø ≤ 1.5x pilot Ø
If body not cutting: body Ø ≤ 2x pilot Ø
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