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CoroDrill 862 Solid carbide micro drills

CoroDrill® 862 offers outstanding performance for holes up to 2.95 mm (0.116 inch) diameter. A thin, effective coating helps retain cutting edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for chip evacuation, while even wear formation prolongs tool life for a wide range of materials.



  • High performance in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Engineered tool geometry and surface treatment for efficient chip removal
  • Good hole entry and exit, tight hole tolerance



  • ACM (Advanced Chip Management) flute geometry for small and manageable chips
  • Specially designed point geometry reduces thrust forces
  • Smooth drill surface enables fast and efficient chip evacuation
  • Internal coolant holes deliver coolant directly to the tip of the drill even at deep drilling depths
  • 3 mm (0.118 inch) shank diameter throughout the range



  • Achievable hole tolerance: H8-H9
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Drill lengths: 8-12 × drill diameter
  • Drill diameter range: 1.85-2.95 mm (0.073-0.116 inch)
  • Use with CoroChuck™ 930 high precision chucks
ISO application area


​Product range

Length Diameter, mm (inches) Coolant​ Geometry​ Shank diameter mm (inches) Grade
8×D​ 1.85−2.95 (0.073−0.116)​ Internal​  -GM ​ 3 (0.118)​ GC34​
12×D​​ 1.85−2.95 (0.073−0.116)​ Internal​ -GM ​ 3 (0.118)​ GC34
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