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CoroDrill® DS20

Strong and fatigue-resistant drill body

Each drill body size is individually optimized and has a never-before-seen stiffness to ensure high process security, repeatability, consistent quality and good run-out accuracy. Twisted coolant holes maintain drill body rigidity and variable chip flutes are optimally shaped for safe chip evacuation.

Optimized insert design

The robust insert seats have three support contact surfaces for less insert movement. The inserts are strong and have a bulk strength that provides extra toughness, resulting in unmatched insert tool life. The ground peripheral insert allows for closer hole tolerance, predictability and consistent performance.

For holes up to 7×DC

The innovative drill body and insert designs enable cost-effective and reliable drilling of deep holes with less demanding hole tolerances. No pilot drilling is needed, which saves both time and money.

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  • Secure and reliable cutting process with high productivity and a consistent hole diameter
  • Versatile drill with optimized chip control and chip evacuation in a broad cutting data range
  • Large selection of geometries, from versatile to optimized offers
  • Low cost per hole
  • Reduced sound level
  • Strategically placed coolant outlets to ensure best possible flow and direction
  • Chip flute shapes individually designed for each drill size and insert, with a square profile adding rigidity while allowing chips to be easily evacuated
  • Four true cutting edges on both peripheral and central inserts

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Application area

Conventional drilling

Inclined exits

Inclined surfaces

Cross holes

Convex/concave surfaces

Step and chamfer

  • Diameter range: 15–27 mm (0.591–1.06 inch) and 33.01–40 mm (1.30–1.57 inch)
  • Depth capacity: 4–7×DC
  • Hole tolerance: H12–H13
  • Compatible with both non-rotating and rotating setups
  • Can be used for drilling with radial offset, deburring and back boring
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Shank types

Cylindrical shank with flat (ISO 9766) and MDI (Modular Drilling Interface) with Coromant Capto® and HSK-T

Central insert

Grade: GC1344, GC1144, H13A
Geometries: -L5, -M7

Peripheral insert

Grade: GC4334, GC2044, GC4344
GC4324, H13A
Geometries: -S5W, -L5W , -L6W,
-M7W, -H5W

TailorMade® drills

Drilling more than just a hole? Use our TailorMade® tools to maximize output.

Dimension control

Use an eccentric sleeve to get close hole tolerances or to change the tool dimension. Note! Not recommended for 6–7×DC.

Hole tolerance

Drill depth 4–5×DC

Drill diameter, mm (inch) Hole tolerance, mm (inch)
15.00–18.00 (0.591–0.709)0/+0.27 (0/+0.011)
18.01–27.00 (0.709–1.06)0/+0.33 (0/+0.013)
33.01–40.00 (1.30–1.57)0/+0.35 (0/+0.014)

Drill depth 6–7×DC

Drill diameter, mm (inch) Hole tolerance, mm (inch)
15.00–18.00 (0.591–0.709) -0.1/+0.4 (-0.004/+0.016)
18.01–27.00 (0.709–1.06)-0.1/+0.4 (-0.004/+0.016)
33.01–40.00 (1.30–1.57)-0.1/+0.4 (-0.004/+0.016)

MDI (Modular Drilling Interface)

MDI is a stable and high-precision drilling interface. The modular coupling between drill and adapter allows you to use one size for several drill diameters, leading to less tool inventory and lower costs.

Four locating pins allow for high torque transmission and provide an exact cutting edge position and quick and easy set-up.

With two different diameters on shank and adapter, double centering with high fitting accuracy is possible. Combined with flange and surface contact between the drill body and nut, increased stability, good run-out precision and optimal repeatability can be achieved.


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Opening up new possibilities

A customer in Mexico found a new way of machining components using the CoroDrill® DS20. Watch the film and find out how!

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Reliable and predictable drilling

Innovative drill body and insert designs allow for reliable and predictable drilling in your 4–7×DC operations.

Drilling inserts and grades

Find the right drilling insert grade for your workpiece material, hole diameter, hole depth and required hole quality here.

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