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Coromant Capto® is a modular quick change tooling concept offering three systems in one:

  • Quick change tool holders reduce set-up and tool change time, leading to significantly increased machine utilization
  • Coromant Capto® directly integrated in the spindle increases stability and versatility e.g., in multi-task machines, machining centers with turning capability and vertical lathes
  • Coromant Capto® as a modular system for machining centers offers a large variety of extension and reduction adapters, enabling the assembling of tools with different lengths and design characteristics regardless of the machine interface (SK, HSK, Big Plus). The modularity function means less need for expensive special tools with long delivery times

The same tools can thus be used in the entire workshop, providing unique flexibility, optimal rigidity and minimized tool inventory.



  • Flexibility and extensive modularity
  • High basic stability and accuracy
  • Minimized tool inventory
  • Reduced set-up time



  • High torque transmission
  • High bending strength
  • Quick change and automated tool change
  • Advanced nozzle technology for process security even at low pressures
  • Through-tool delivery of high-pressure coolant, from machine to cutting edge
  • Balanced and concentric
  • Self-centering


Quick change modular adapters
Combining modular tool assembling with the quick change function on the tool side, these adapters dramatically reduce the time spent on setup and tool change, while offering great tooling flexibility.

Keep track of your tools using the Coromant Capto® data chip service


Coromant Capto® works in all machine types:
  • Turning centers: quick change and high-pressure coolant delivery.
  • Multi-task machines and machining centers: rotating spindle interface, modular tooling, and quick change.
  • Available in six sizes, there is a flexible Coromant Capto® solution for every need: C3-C10, Diameters: 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100.

Machine-specific clamping units


Predictive maintenance with Coromant Capto® DTH Plus driven tool holder

Thanks to digital technology, the driven tool holder can supply you with data about service needs, making it possible to get the most out of your tools.

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In situations like these, our customers have found Coromant Capto® particularly supportive:
  • When changing production and different component sizes lead to varying gauge lengths.
  • When conducting small- to medium-batch production in turning centers
  • For multifunctional machines with both turning and rotating tools
  • When tooling is required for a variety of machines with different taper sizes or designs: one system for a variety of operations on lathes and machining centers is sufficient
  • When component complexity demands a high number of engineered tools
  • When there is a need to reduce tool inventory


Quick change clamping units will optimize your machine utilization by reducing both set-up time and tool change time significantly.

Most machine tool makers can offer the Coromant Capto system integrated into their machines.

More detailed information and drawings are available at our Coromant Capto Partner Portal.


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