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Predictive maintenance

With Coromant Capto® Plus you are able to predict the maintenance needs of your driven tool holder and plan accordingly.

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Quick change

The quick change functionality reduces the time you spend on measuring, setup, and tool change, allowing for improved machine utilization

​Coromant Capto® coupling

The driven tool holders are equipped with Coromant Capto® coupling, enabling use of a wide range of high-performance milling and drilling tools.

The effect of optimized maintenance planning

Maintenance management of driven tool holders is typically done by planning for maintenance once or twice per year, depending on the level of usage. While this is a reasonable approach, it does not take into consideration the actual maintenance needs for the individual tool holder. This strategy could lead to the following example:

  1. Actual maintenance needs for driven tool holder 1
  2. Interval maintenance occasion for driven tool holder 1
  3. Overuse of tool, causing increased risk of equipment damages
  4. Interval maintenance occasion for driven tool holder 2
  5. Actual maintenance needs for driven tool holder 2
  6. Premature maintenance, resulting in efficiency losses

By having access to data about the actual maintenance needs for each tool holder, it is possible to plan accordingly, and thus ensure that service is performed based on true need and not on interval planning. The effect is that your driven tool holders are always in good condition, you are secure in knowing that your business is operating with high efficiency, and you avoid running a tool holder in a situation where damages to equipment might occur.

Example of maintenance planning.

Access real-time data from your driven tool holder

The software application included in the offer presents you with the following information:

  1. Remaining life time, enabling service planning
  2. Battery level
  3. Vibration level of the driven tool holder, enabling process monitoring
  4. RPM and direction of rotation
  5. Temperature, enabling monitoring of temperature conditions
  6. Product data, including a link to product information online
  7. Max. measured data since first use or last service
  8. Location of the driven tool holder
  9. Machine name, turret, and station number for the driven tool holder when placed in a machine
  10. Diagrams of the measurements during a certain time period. Diagrams are shown individually for RPM, temperature, and vibration

Live view

Detailed view

Included in the offer

Connected driven tool holder

Access to software with the defined set of features


The offer is planned for availability in 2019 in the countries marked in yellow on the map below.

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