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​​The CoroMill® 172 disc cutter offers a versatile and time saving solution for milling of high-quality gear profiles. Thanks to the new indexable carbide insert technology and a powerful iLock interface, the component can be machined in flexible, non-dedicated machines, such as multi-task machines and machining centers, as well as in hobbing machines. 

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  • Components can be completely machined in one machine and one setup – Reduced overall lead times and lower costs compared to high speed steel (HSS) tools
  • One cutter body can hold inserts with different profiles, which offers versatility compared to HSS tools
  • Dry machining reduces lead times and coolant costs, while contributing to a more eco- and worker-friendly environment
  • Cost-efficient solution for smaller to medium batch sizes



  • iLock interface, in combination with modern wedge-clamping technology,
    gives excellent position repeatability and quick and easy insert changing
  • Modern carbide grades provide higher cutting speeds compared to HSS
  • The full profile inserts give good tool accuracy since the cutting tool profile is made up by only one insert
  • Precision-ground inserts for excellent component quality



  • Module range 3–10
  • Gear profiles in accordance with DIN 867 for gears and DIN 5480 for
  • Internal and external machining of gears and splines
  • Machining of racks
  • Applications in multi-task machines, machining centers, and turning centers
  • Finishing applications in hobbing machines
  • Applications can be found in all industry segments, e.g., mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace
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​Product range

Diameter, mm (inch)​ Module sizes​ Coupling types​ Geometry​ Grade
63–500 (2.480–19.685)​
3–10 for gears
3–10 for splines​
Coromant Capto®
Cylindrical shank
Bore with keyway
E-PM​ 30GM​


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