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The CoroMill® 216F cutter is used for finish milling of a range of materials used for die and mold-making, as well as for manufacturing of turbine blades within the aerospace industry. Its sharp edges cut hardened steel up to HRC 60 along with stainless steel, grey or nodular cast iron, and aluminum.



  • High precision
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Cost effective compared to solid carbide solutions
  • Easy to apply



  • Steel shank version for general profiling
  • Stiff carbide shank for high precision demands
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials



  • Profile milling finishing
  • Diameter range: 8-32 mm (0.315-1.260 inches)
ISO application area



Steel shank cutter bodies are generally the first selection. Carbide shank cutter bodies are recommended for applications with highest demands on precision machining.


Use shallow axial and radial cuts for safe productivity. Always calculate the true cutting speed (ve) based on the effective diameter in cut (De).



General P20A​








Optional insert

R216F-xxx E-L geometry insert for profile finishing of steel, stainless steel, and gray or nodular cast iron, aluminum, Kirksite, and graphite.

Product range

  • Diameter range: 8-32 mm (0.315-1.260 inches)
  • Grades: for all ISO material groups
  • Insert geometries: finishing
  • Cutter body assortment: steel and carbide shanks in three different lengths
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