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Ceramic-brazed milling heads for high speed roughing

Find your tool and buy

When to use

  • When superior productivity in nickel-based alloys milling is needed

Benefits and features

  • Ceramic tools allow for cutting speed impossible with traditional carbide milling
  • Negative rake angle and unique edge preparation for a tough cutting edge
  • Optimized core for high stability and excellent chip evacuation
  • Dedicated four-flute geometry for face milling
  • Dedicated six-flute geometry for side milling
  • Optimized ceramic grade CG6060

How to find the right product by the product code

Search for the tool style (TSYC) 316..HM..D and the grade 6060

Example: 316-12HM438-12015D 6060

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Shoulder milling + + +
Face milling + + +
Pocket milling + +
Slot milling +
Helical interpolation +
Ramping +
Shank EH
Face geometry
Grade 6060
ISO material
  • S


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