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Versatile in the widest sense of the word, CoroMill® 316 can be applied for high feed face milling, slot milling, helical interpolation, shoulder milling, profile milling, and chamfer milling of components in all material groups from ISO P to ISO S.

The exchangeable milling heads allow you to quickly, easily, and accurately switch between various operations. With a quick tool change, you are able to get the perfectly suited end mill type, radius variation, teeth frequency, geometry, and grade. CoroMill® 316 end mills are even suitable for five-axis milling of flanks, which often requires tapered tools for stability at longer tool reach.



  • Great flexibility and productivity plus lower tool inventory costs 
  • A strong cutting head and shank interface provide high strength for roughing and high rigidity for finishing
  • High stiffness and low deflection make it possible to machine deep pockets with long overhang as well as allow high accuracy in finishing operations
  • Internal coolant on selected assortment delivers superior chip evacuation and a secure cutting process



The Coromant EH coupling is based on a self-centering screw thread for secure mounting and maximum strength and security. The coupling has a physical stop, which makes it easy to feel when the head is correctly tightened and helps to not overstress the clamping.

  • Full face and taper contact for best stability 
  • Patented coupling designed to minimize bending
  • Optimized geometries for roughing, finishing, profiling, and chamfering 
  • Grades for most materials



​ ​ ​


ISO application area


CoroMill® Gannet plunger

The CoroMill® 316 Gannet plunger is now available off the shelf for time and cost-efficient manufacturing of small, deep slots and pockets in demanding applications, such as aerospace components

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Tool length

< 3 × DC​

< 4 × DC​​

< 10 × DC

​< 12 × DC

​Stable conditions Comparable to solid end mills

Quite stable
Not as stable as solid end mills​

Low stability

Very low stability

Steel shank applications​

All types of inserts and applications​

High feed, profiling, chamfering, shoulder milling, limited slot milling​

High feed, profiling, chamfering, shoulder milling, limited slot milling​​

High feed, profiling, chamfering, not suitable for shoulder milling

Solid carbide shank applications​

Profiling, chamfering, finishing, and semi-finishing operations​​

Profiling, chamfering, finishing, and semi-finishing operations ​​​

Profiling, chamfering, finishing, and semi-finishing operations​​

Profiling, chamfering,
finishing ,and semi-finishing operations



Product range​

Diameter range for heads



Shank assortment
Material​Steel, 43.5 HRc, mm (inches)​Solid carbide, mm (inches)
Shank diameter​10–32 (0.394–1.259)​10–25 (0.394–0.984)
​StyleStraight 90°, Conical 80°, 85°, and 89°​​Straight 90°, Conical 89°
Length​65–250 (2.559–9.842)​100–200 (3.937–7.874)


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