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CoroMill® 390

Wide range of products

CoroMill® 390 covers many applications with a large, versatile program, including cutter versions for shoulder milling and long edge milling. The cutters generate a good-quality 90-degree shoulder and are ideal for ramping and helical interpolation.

Light-cutting geometries

​The light-cutting insert geometries and high-performance grades of CoroMill® 390 are designed for low cutting forces and vibration-free machining for secure milling in all materials.

Through coolant

​Experience the benefits of internal coolant, available with most CoroMill® 390 cutters.

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​•  Close tolerances, giving excellent surface finish and minimal mismatch

•  Large depth of cut and steep ramping capability

•  Available with different coupling types such as cylindrical shank, Weldon, Coromant EH, MSSC, Arbor, Coromant Capto®

•  Oversized diameter for clearance available

•  Lightweight cutter available for combination with Silent Tools™ milling adapters for reduced vibration and increased stability when machining with long overhangs.

•  Integrated Silent Tools™ damping technology for increased metal removal and improved surface finish with size 07 and 11 inserts

•  Available in a shorter version for turning centers

View more features in the brochure for CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts

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Application area

Diameter: 9.7–200 mm (0.375–8.000 inches)
Max cutting depth: 15.7 mm (0.618 inch)

  • Shoulder milling
  • Repeated shoulder milling
  • Linear and helical ramping
  • Turn milling
  • Deep shoulder milling
  • Edging
  • Pocketing
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Tool variants

End mill with cylindrical shank or Coromant EH coupling

​Square shoulder face mill

​Long edge cutter

Lightweight CoroMill® 390 made with additive manufacturing

End mill with integrated damping Silent Tools™

More information about Co​roMill® 390

Insert size​

Cutting depth mm (inch)

Diameter mm (inch)

Cutter types



5.8 (0.223)


End mills

Coromant EH, Arbor


10 (0.394)


End mills, face mills,
long edge cutters,
lightweight cutters

Cylindrical, Weldon,
Coromant EH, MSSC, Arbor,
Coromant Capto®


15.7 (0.618)


End mills, face mills

Cylindrical, Weldon,
Coromant EH, Arbor


15.7 (0.618)


Face mills, long edge cutters

Coromant Capto®



NOTE! Insert sizes 07 and 11 are available with Silent Tools™ damping technology.

Insert radius overview


​ISO application area​

​Radius insert option mm​


​ISO application area​

​Radius insert option inch​





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Lightweight CoroMill® 390 made with additive manufacturing

More compact and significantly lighter than a conventional cutter, lightweight CoroMill® 390 provides reduced vibration and increased stability in demanding applications.

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See the multi-operational CoroMill® 390 in action

New grades optimized for steel milling

CoroMill® 390 is now available with CVD grades GC4330 and GC4340 with Inveio™ technology, for improved tool life and increased process security.

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