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CoroMill® 745

Cost-efficient solution

​The double-sided, multi-edge design and the 42° entering angle make it a cost-efficient solution. It offers high​ productivity and a low cost per edge.

Ground-breaking technology

Available with a 42° entering angle for larger cutting depths and as a high feed version with a 25° entering angle for an even higher metal removal rate. Same inserts are​ used in both cutters.

Reliable tool

​The secure tip seat and the large, robust insert with strong, light-cutting geometries are designed for reliable and predictable machining.

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​​​Innovative design

​The patented insert positioning system provides the same light cutting action and performance as a positive single-sided milling cutter, but with a total of 14 cutting edges.

​​Easy handling

The unique insert position is designed for easy and quick insert changes, and the large M7 screw makes clamping easy and ​exceptionally secure.

Save on energy costs

The innovative design provides a light cutting action with excellent chip formation and low power consumption.

Differential MD pitch

Great problem-solving abilities when machining vibration-sensitive components and in weak setups with the unique differential MD pitch.

Less noise

The light cutting action generates a soft and smooth sound, creating a good working environment.

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Application area

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  • ​Face milling
  • Roughing to semi-finishing
  • Multi-edge concept suitable for large batch productions, flexible transfer lines, and when maximum tool utilization is important
  • CoroMill® 745 with a 42° entering angle is used in ISO P, K, M, and S applications where APMX is 5.2 mm (0.205 inch)
  • CoroMill® 745 high feed cutter a with 25° entering angle is used as a productivity booster in ISO P and ISO K applications where APMX is 2.8 mm (0.110 inch)​
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Heat resistant super alloys

Product range

Cutter body CoroMill® 745 with a 42° entering angle​

Diameter range: 63–315 mm
(2.500–12.000 inch)
APMX: 5.2 mm (0.205 inch)​
Pitch: Close (M), close (MD) and extra-close (H)​
Through coolant up to diameter 160 mm
(6.000 inch)
Coupling: Arbor, Coromant Capto®, CIS arbor

Cutter body CoroMill® 745 high feed cutter with a​ 25° entering angle

Diameter range: 63–160 mm (2.5–6 inch)
APMX: 2.8 mm (0.110 inch)​
Pitch: Close (M) and extra-close (H)
Through coolant up to diameter 160 mm (6.000 inch)
Coupling: Arbor, Coromant Capto®


Insert size (IC): 21
Cutting edges: 14
Geometries: E-M30, E-M31, E-M50, E-H50​
Precision-ground inserts for high accuracy



Differential M​D pitch

The unique differential MD pitch is First Choice in roughing operations where light cutting action is required, e.g., in vibration-sensitive and weak setups. It is a perfect problem-solver when vibration is a limitation in the production.

The length and weight of the cutter body has been reduced in order to boost the performance in low-productive applications. The cutter has a logarithmic differential pitch design, and the insert position is radially compensated to produce an even chip load on every insert.

The differential MD pitch is available up to a diameter of 160 mm (6.000 inches)


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CoroMill® 745 video

See the multi-edge concept in action, and learn more about its features.

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Performance and economy in one

The secret behind the unique CoroMill 745 cutter is the patented insert positioning system.

CoroPlus® ToolGuide

Find the cutting tool for your specific task and get instant cutting data recommendations for your operations.

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