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CoroMill 790 Shoulder milling cutters for aluminum

The CoroMill® 790 cutter is the first choice for ISO N materials. To be used in shoulder operations as a "super remover," it is designed for high security demands and high-precision work.



  • High speed machining performance with high security
  • Extreme metal removal rates
  • Very small tool run-out


  • Open insert location for undisturbed chip flow at heavy cuts
  • Serrated interface for precision and security
  • Through coolant


  • Machining of frame components in aluminum
  • Deep-cavity machining
  • Finishing machining in most materials


ISO application area



Insert sizes and mounting

22 mm insert for extreme metal removal rates in machines with very high power

16 mm insert for machines with moderate spindle power

Serrated interface for high security and to reduce effects of insert tolerance on the cutter diameter


For extremely fine surface finishes, an extra close-pitch cutter is recommended. Note that cutters with extra close pitch have recommended maximum ae = 0.5 mm (0.020 inch). 


​Product range

  • Diameter range: 25–100 mm (1.000–5.000 inches)
  • Coromant Capto® coupling, cylindrical shank, Arbor, Weldon or HSK mounting
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