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CoroMill Plura Solid end mills, tipped end mills, and thread mills

​​In our comprehensive range of CoroMill® Plura end mills, you will find your choice, whether you need a tool that is optimized for a specific material or one that performs well in many materials.

The range of tools includes high-performance solutions for high-speed machining, die-making, and high-feed machining; from heavy roughing to super-finishing in most materials, whether it is in difficult-to-cut materials or very hard steels, up to 63 HRc.



New CoroMill® Plura HFS ISO S is optimized for high-feed side milling in titanium and nickel alloys; a reliable and productive solution for demanding milling operations, such as aerospace engine and frame components.

The CoroMill® Plura offer

Optimized tools with geometries and grades for specific materials and applications, maximizing production output per time unit.

Flexible tools designed for high performance and secure machining in a
variety of materials, applications, component sizes, and shapes, allowing
maximum machine utilization.

Total productivity
Metal cutting efficiencyMachine utilization

​Benefits and features

  • New geometry concepts specific for titanium and nickel-based materials
  • New grades for titanium and nickel-based material
  • Optimized core dimension
  • Optimized corner radius design


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Unique cooling booster

Chip evacuation and temperature control are challenges when machining titanium alloys. To overcome this challenge, select a CoroMill® Plura with internal coolant and a patent pending cooling booster for optimal control of chip evacuation and temperature.

Solid end mills
  • Optimized grades for all materials and conditions
  • Cylindrical, Weldon, and iLock™ shank options
  • Straight, conical with and without chip-dividing cutting edge tool shapes
  • With and without neck, undersized shanks available
  • PCD-tipped end mills with internal coolant
  • Can be reconditioned up to three times to its original specifications
Thread milling cutters
  • Four grades optimized for different ISO material groups
  • Two different designs available depending on the application, one with few cutting edges, and one multi-point design
  • Cylindrical and Weldon shank options
  • Individual radius programming (RPRG) value marked on the shank, giving the exact pitch diameter and radius correction required for optimum thread quality




RPRG marking.​


CoroMill® Plura has a large assortment for heavy roughing to finishing and super-finishing.

  • Heavy duty end mills with an extremely tough grade and optimized flute shape for effective chip evacuation offer full slot milling up to two times the diameter
Shoulder milling
  • End mills with an unequal helix angle for stability and excellent surface finish in high-feed side milling operations
  • Heavy duty end mills for shoulder milling with large engagements
  • Wide range of ball nose end mills for all materials, including small cutter diameters down to 0.1 mm (0.004 inch), suitable for die and mold manufacturing where high precision is important
  • Tools for 45 and 60 degree chamfers and convex workpiece radius chamfers

High-Feed Side (HFS) milling

  • Designed for utilization of the complete cutting length to allow for higher Q value (MRR) with smaller diameters compared to traditional milling strategies.
    * Optimized for longer axial depth of cut, up to four times the tool diameter.
Thread milling
  • For both right- and left-handed internal threads
  • Up to 3 × diameter
  • The threads are milled in one or more passes, and the multi-point tool gives a true, full profile, 60 degree metric thread form. -M, -MJ, -UNC, -UNF, -NPT, -NPTF, and -G are available as options

Thread form​ Range​
-MM1.6 to M28​
-MJMJ4 to MJ12
-UNCNo. 1–64 to 3/4–10​
-UNFNo. 2–64 to 3/4–16​
-NPT1/8–27 to 1/2–14​
-NPTF1/8–27 to 1/2–14​
-GG1/8 to G1"–3"​

Milling of composites



Find the best suited cutting data with ToolGuide®

Grade positioning
Hardness​/wear resistance
​ ​
*only for non-ferrous materials​


ISO application area


Profiling with a square shoulder mill.


CoroMill® Plura success story  
Motala Verkstad, a Swedish subcontractor which, among other things, specializes in the manufacturing of machine parts for low-emission gas turbines. By implementing new solid carbide end mills, the company is able to reach superior productivity levels in end milling.

David Turk Emhart Glass 
Sacha Kotarac, technical specialist Sandvik Coromant, and Håkan Johansson, production engineer Motala Verkstad.

Read the full story here » 

The performance of a grade depends highly on the geometry with which they are used. This graph provides a general picture of available graphs, but does not take geometries into consideration. Read the numbers in the graph like this:

XX00 – Super hard

XX10 – Hard grade for stable conditions and small ae

XX20 – Complementary grade to XX30 for all-around conditions with high feed rates

XX30 – Grade for all-around conditions

XX40 – Tough grade for unstable conditions and large ae

H10F – Uncoated grade for all-around conditions

N20C – Niche grade (diamond-coated)

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