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CoroPlus® MachiningInsights.


What does CoroPlus MachiningInsights cost?

When purchasing CoroPlus MachiningInsights you buy a subscription per machine. It is offered in three subscription packages – silver, gold and platinum. There is an installation cost for connecting the factory/site. Please reach out to your Sandvik Coromant representative for details on subscription packages and pricing.

What data is being collected and how often?

The data collected from the machine depends on make, model, controller, year, and selected options. The following data is typically collected in real-time:

active_axes line position
actuator load program
angle logic_program rotary_velocity
availability motion_program rotary_velocity_override
block part_count system
communications path_feedrate temperature
controller_mode path_feedrate_override tool_number
emergency_stop path_position
Can I choose what data is being sent to the cloud?

Yes, CoroPlus MachiningInsights provides you with the option to remove the data that you do not wish to send to the cloud.

Where are the data centers located and which cloud vendor is used?

CoroPlus MachiningInsights is hosted in data centres located in the United States, operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Can CoroPlus MachiningInsights be installed without a cloud connection?

No. The cloud solution is a more cost-efficient alternative, where we also can provide you with continuous updates and improvements of the solution.

How does CoroPlus MachiningInsights address security?

The connection between the user and the cloud platform is provided by a Secure Shell (SSH) connection that is encrypted. The SSH connection can be encrypted with a private key that is generated by the user. The user can also apply its key rotation policies to ensure additional security.

Does CoroPlus MachiningInsights fulfill GDPR legislation in the EU?

Yes, it is GDPR compliant.


Which machines/controllers can CoroPlus MachiningInsights be installed on?

CoroPlus MachiningInsights can be installed on most modern machines less 10 years old. Examples of machines and controllers that can be connected are: Siemens, Fanuc, Mazak, DMG MORI, Doosan, Heidenhain, Fagor, GF Agie Charmilles, Haas, LinuxCNC, FINS, MakerBot, Makino, Mitsubishi, Mitutoyo, MODBUS, NUM, Okuma, OPOS, PCDMIS, ROS-Industrial, Sodick, Allen-Bradley (CNC), Balluff, ControlLogix and Toyo. 

What is the installation time?

When the prerequisites are in place at the site (networked machines, tablets, server space etc.) the installation takes about an hour. The installation is usually done remotely. The machine does not have to be stopped during the installation.

Besides MT-connect, does CoroPlus MachiningInsights support OPC?

Yes, Both OPC UA and DA.


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