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CoroPlus® Tool Library

Install CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

Install CoroPlus® ToolLibrary using the application manager and be notified when software updates are available.

Preferred solution for online workstations.

Create a tool assembly online


Create tool assemblies on the Sandvik Coromant website and save to your preferred location.

Offline CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

Download CoroPlus® ToolLibrary for installation on offline workstations.

Increase your efficiency

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps you create and export tool assemblies to your CAM, simulation or tool management software.

The workflow is based on standardized tool data that allows you to work with tools from any supplier providing an ISO 13399 catalog.

If your workstation is online, your catalogs can be set to synchronize automatically. When working offline, your catalogs are stored locally.

The cutting data—feeds and speeds—for Sandvik Coromant tools are made available through CoroPlus® ToolGuide.

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Import tool assemblies into your existing systems

Standardization of data formats and strong partnerships enable quick and easy exchange of cutting tool information among industry software systems. Visit our partner section to explore how your CAM, simulation or verification software suppliers connect with CoroPlus® ToolLibrary services.

Become an expert user

View the films below to get started with CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. Learn useful tips and tricks to become an expert.

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Create a tool assembly online and download the complete assembly package.

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Select a machining task, receive a cutting tool recommendation and generate a tool assembly.

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Activate online synchronization to update your cutting tool catalog.

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Save your tool assembly package for import into CAM.

Access accurate cutting tool information

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary services have been created to provide easy access to cutting tool information in your operation planning processes. Creating a tool assembly and preparing it for import into CAM can take as little as a minute. Depending on your prerequisites, there are different ways to take advantage of the services provided through CoroPlus® ToolLibrary.

Sandvik Coromant online services

Your workshop




Offline workstation running CoroPlus® ToolLibrary application


Online workstation running CoroPlus® ToolLibrary application


Online workstation running CoroPlus® ToolLibrary on the web.

If your CAM workstation is offline, you can download and store cutting tool data locally. The full Sandvik Coromant tool catalog consists of roughly 8 GB of data and will fit on a standard-capacity USB memory stick. If your workstation has an internet connection, the Sandvik Coromant online services will synchronize the cutting tool catalog to make sure that you have access to the most recent information.

The Sandvik Coromant tool data catalog is available for download after free registration.

Work with multiple tool suppliers

Tool data catalogs from Sandvik Coromant and other suppliers are available through ToolsUnited.

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is made available through an open API (Application Programming Interface) connection. Do you want to become a partner and integrate CoroPlus® ToolLibrary into your software? Click here to send us an e-mail.

Learn more and get support

The questions and answers section will likely provide you with the necessary information you are looking for. If you need support, you are most welcome to contact our CoroPlus® support team at


CoroPlus® ToolGuide

Find the cutting tool for your specific task, and get instant cutting data recommendations for your operations.


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

Software on the cutting edge

One of the oldest businesses in the CAD/CAM industry, CNC Software Inc. has partnered with Sandvik Coromant to roll out the CoroPlus® ToolGuide and CoroPlus® ToolLibrary innovations to its customers.

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