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CoroPlus® Tool Library

Help us develop the next-generation CoroPlus® Tool Library

The upcoming release of the tool library software from Sandvik Coromant will be more intuitive and open for collaboration. The new and lighter version will run in your browser with constant, up-to-date access to high-quality tool data.

As we are finalizing the development, we want to hear what you think. With your input, we can make sure that the software will provide the best possible value to our users upon full release.

Sign up to BETA

  1. Sign up or log in to your free Sandvik Coromant account
  2. Fill out and send the request form (available in English only)
  3. Receive a link with log-in details via e-mail
  4. Try CoroPlus® Tool Library cloud BETA and share your experience with us​

Thank you in advance!

CoroPlus® Tool Library cloud version  

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