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CoroPlus® ToolPath

CoroPlus® ToolPath software for PrimeTurning™

The PrimeTurning™ methodology allows you to perform turning in all directions much more efficiently and productively compared to conventional turning. The concept comprises the new PrimeTurning™ method, dedicated CoroTurn® Prime tools and software.

The CoroPlus® ToolPath software for PrimeTurning™ supplies programming codes and techniques to set up proper parameters and variables for a particular application to secure maximum output.​

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Key benefits

  • Allows for smooth implementation of the PrimeTurning™ method and CoroTurn® Prime tools
  • Speeds up operations and planning processes
  • Secures the correct tool path, enabling optimal productivity, tool life and process security
  • Provides automatic storage for your designed component profiles and can be used on desktops as well as mobile devices
  • Compatible with various CNC machines that use ISO codes
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface


  • Supplies programming codes (ISO) and techniques for particular applications
  • Supports longitudinal turning, facing and profiling for external and internal turning
  • Generates a secure entry into the part
  • Creates constant hex (chip thickness)
  • Provides 3D-simulation with collision detection

How to use

Follow these steps to get your NC code output:

  1. Specify the task by selecting the operation and pre-machining settings.
  2. Define the component and blank by importing a STEP/IGS CAD model.
  3. Choose the insert, chip breaker and tool holder from among the different alternatives or proceed with the ones recommended by the software.
  4. The software will recommend the method, cutting data and tool path with 3D simulation. You can also change the cutting parameters within the specified limits.
  5. Download or export your NC code output.

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How to access

CoroPlus® ToolPath software is a subscription-based software, hosted on a secure Sandvik Coromant cloud environment. The subscription period is 12 months. The license is user-specific and can be used on two working stations.


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CoroPlus® ToolPath software

Learn more about the CoroPlus® ToolPath software for PrimeTurning™.

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Walk-through film

See how to generate tool paths and export NC codes for turning.

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