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​CoroReamer™ 435 is a multi-application, versatile, and high speed reamer, suitable for a wide range of materials. It gives you really close hole tolerances and high-quality surface finish thanks to internal coolant, cutting edge geometry, and extremely unequal spacing of the cutting edges.



  • High productivity due to high cutting parameters
  • Consistency and productivity saving time and costs
  • Excellent surface finish on the component
  • Uniform concentricity for long tool life and dimensional accuracy
  • High stability due to the solid carbide body
  • Internal coolant for better chip evacuation and reduced wear



  • Micro-grained carbide for high hardness and toughness
  • Internal coolant (axial for straight flute and lateral for spiral flute) deliver coolant directly to the cutting zone, resulting in longer tool life and good chip evacuation
  • DIN 65535 HA shank to H6 tolerance and for direct clamping in hydraulic chucks, such as CoroChuck 930, shrink-fit and high precision chucks.
  • Available as bright finish and TiAIN coating which allows an increase in cutting parameters, resulting in increased productivity and reduced built-up edge
  • Flute geometry with extremely unequal flute spacing



  • For a wide range of applications and materials
  • For all industry segments, e.g. general machining, die and mould, automotive, energy and power generation
  • Available in spiral flute for through holes and straight flute for blind holes
  • Standard diameter range: 3.97-20 mm (0.156-0.787 inch)
  • Achievable hole tolerance: IT7
ISO application area


Spiral flute

  • For through holes
  • Guaranteed chip flow
  • Reduced chip angle
  • Good for interrupted cuts​

Straight flute

  • For blind holes
  • No chip flow
  • Bigger chip angle
  • Reduced vibration​
​Comparison of unequal and extremely unequal flute spacing

Extremely unequal flute spacing means that the divide is not the same for each tooth. As there are no teeth diametrically opposite each other, the reamer produces a hole with improved hole roundness variance.

Hole roundness with
unequal spacing,

<10 μm
Hole roundness with
extremely unequal
spacing, 1-2 μm ​
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