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CoroTap® 400

Long tool life reduces costs

Solid taps are made of high-speed steel with cobalt, high-speed powder steel, carbide or tungsten for superior wear resistance and tool life, resulting in fewer machine stoppages and reduced cost-per-hole.

Superior process security

Optimized lobe profiles allow for reliable, predictable tool life at high cutting speeds for both through and blind holes.

Excellent thread quality

To ensure low friction at high speeds for precision thread forming with minimal surface roughness, there are five coatings available: TiCN, TiN, TiNF, CrN, and Bright (uncoated).

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  • Versatile taps for a variety of application areas and optimized taps for specific materials
  • Suitable for both through holes and blind holes
  • Available in many thread forms and standards
  • Internal coolant available in thread forms M, MF, UNC, UNF

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Application area

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  • Taps optimized for specific materials and taps optimized for versatility
  • Suitable for both through holes and blind holes
  • Available in many thread forms and standards
  • Depths up to 3.5 × diameter
  • Available with internal coolant in thread forms M, MF, UNC, UNF
  • Tolerances:
    • ISO N: 6H, 2B
    • ISO P: 6HX, 6GX, 2BX
    • Versatile: 6G, 6GX, 6H, 6HX, 2B, 2BX
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Cast iron
    • Heat resistant super alloys
    • Non-ferrous metals

    Versatile and Optimized solutions

    CoroTap® 400

    The versatile tap can be used to thread steel, stainless steel, aluminum and heat resistant super alloys. This allows for fewer tool changes.

    CoroTap® 400 for ISO N

    This high-speed steel tap is optimized for aluminum applications with a carbon nitrate coating.

    CoroTap® 400 for ISO P

    This tap is optimized for steel applications with a new grade featuring a higher percentage of tungsten and double TiN coating.

    CoroChuck® 970

    The CoroChuck® 970 is designed for stable and precise tapping in all materials. It improves tap tool life and surface quality, and offers the highest process security.

    Product range

    CoroTap® 400
    Up to 3.5 × D
    P N PMNS
    MM3-16M3-16 M3-M8M1-M24M3-M20M2-M16
    MFM5-M16 M5-M16M10-M12
    UNCNo. 4-5/8 No. 4-5/8 No. 4-1"
    UNFNo. 10-5/8 No. 10-5/8 No. 10-1"


    Solid round tools catalog

    Download and share your digital version of the solid round tools catalog.

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    Watch the video to learn more about products that are offered within Versatile, Optimized, and Customized ranges.

    Tool recommendations

    Struggling to find the right tool for the job? CoroPlus® ToolGuide offers quick and accurate tool recommendations on all your digital devices.

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