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CoroThread 266 Ultra-rigid thread turning for all types of threads – internal and external

CoroThread® 266 is designed with an iLock interface to combat the extreme forces placed upon the insert in the threading operations. The tool guarantees excellent insert stability for ultimate accuracy, surface finish and product consistency.

Machining benefits

  • Reduced machine- and downtime
  • Excellent surface finish due to the exceptional stability
  • High product consistency
  • Three sharp cutting edges for high-quality threads
  • Multi-point inserts available, require fever passes resulting in increased productivity


Tool features

  • Large standard product range of tools and thread profile inserts
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials
  • Unique guide rail interface between the insert and tip seat
  • Good edge indexing
  • Easy to mount the insert correctly
  • 3 different insert sizes 16, 22 and 27± (3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 inch)
  • Pitches from 0.5 up to 7.0 mm (0.02–3.0 threads/inch)



  • First choice for all thread turning
  • Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
  • Minimum internal hole from 20 mm (0.787 inch)
ISO application area


Clamping system

There are axial forces in two directions on the insert when machining:

  • In the feed direction
  • In the opposite direction at the end of each threading pass, when the trailing edge of the insert is still engaged with the work piece.

The unique interface between the insert and the tip seat eliminates any insert movement caused by these cutting force variations.

At the blue contact faces, the screw locks and wedges the shim securely in the pocket.  



Easy clamping of new inserts on rail guide due to the iLock interface.



Different shims are available to obtain correct inclination angle.
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