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CoroTurn® 107

Unobstructed chip flow

Excellent chip control

Tool holders are equipped with nozzles that direct precision coolant right at the insert edge to boost process security and provide excellent chip control.

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Exceptional surface finish

When turning internally or machining slender components, you can rely on the super sharp cutting edges of CoroTurn® 107. The low cutting forces and precision coolant combined with a broad range of inserts ensure high-quality surface finish.

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  • Wiper geometries available for high feeds and high-quality surface finish
  • Ground, super-sharp inserts offer for exceptional surface finish
  • Holders with conventional and precision coolant design

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Internal operations:
  • Long overhangs, 4–6 × D
  • Longitudinal turning and profiling
  • Boring holes, from diameter 6 mm (0.236 inch)
External operations:
  • Small and slender or thin-walled components
  • Longitudinal turning, facing, and profiling
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Coromant Capto<sup>®</sup>


External turning – C4, C5, C6, and C8
Internal turning – C3, C4, C5, and C6

Shank tools

8×8 (3/8") to 32×25 (1 1/4")

QS™ Shanks

8×8 (3/8") to 16×16 (5/8")

Boring bars

5 (¼") to 40 (1 ½")

CoroTurn<sup>®</sup> SL heads

Sizes: 16 to 40


  • 5°, 7° clearance angle
  • All types of insert shapes and sizes
  • Geometries and grades for all application areas
  • Insert grades also in advanced cutting materials PCD, CBN, and ceramics

Tool description

CoroTurn® 107 is optimized for internal and external turning of slender components. Sharp cutting edges and excellent chip control ensure a soft cutting action and low cutting forces, providing an excellent surface finish.



Guaranteed center height

Reduce tool set-up time for CoroTurn® 107 cylindrical boring bars with EasyFix sleeves. Get guaranteed correct center height every time with a mounted spring plunger which clicks into a groove in the bar.

Struggling to find the right tool?

Let CoroPlus® ToolGuide help with quick and accurate tool recommendations—on all your devices!

Damped tools for improved productivity

Get advanced damping qualities with Silent Tools™ for CoroTurn® 107. These bars and adapters enable good productivity and stable machining in all turning operations, especially for overhangs up to 14 × bar diameter, narrow entries, and hard-to-reach seats.

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